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Welcome. If you want to improve your health, and have fun while doing it, you've come to the right place! Through GZHealth, you can access step-by-step health guides with awesome, interactive trackers, learn about health and wellness topics, read fun and informative wellness articles, and connect with other girls like you!

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Get Your First Care Plan: Care Plans, available in the Care Plan tab in the menu bar, are step-by-step guides to help you reach a health goal or improve your health. No matter what you wish to accomplish, you will find an Care Plan to fit your needs. Once you download an Care Plan it becomes a “goal.”
  2. Invite Motivators: Once you have your first Care Plan, invite friends and family to become motivators by clicking the megaphone icon inside your Care Plan. A motivator is someone who supports you and keeps you on track so you can achieve your goal.
  3. Report and Earn: As you report on your Care Plans, (and do other things like set up your profile and motivate friends) you will earn points called Wellbeans. Collect enough beans and you'll earn a badge. Click on the "badges" icon on the homepage to see all the different ones you can collect.
  4. Monitor Your Goals: The “My Goals” section of the site is where you can review your recent Care Plan activity, points and rewards.
  5. Get Friendly: In the “My Goals” section, you can also invite friends. Inviting friends will make using GZHealth a more fun experience for YOU! Plus, if you're enjoying the site, you should share the wealth!
  6. Get Involved: Click on “Health Topics,” and read about health conditions, wellness news, or participate in anonymous community discussions with other girls like you!
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Care Plan: Care Plans are pre-existing plans available for download or purchase. No matter what you wish to accomplish, you will find an Care Plan to fit your needs. Once you download an Care Plan, it becomes a "goal."

Goal Builder: The Goal Builder is where you can create your own goals and plans. Want to track your weekly exercise? You can create a simple goal, set reminders, and even invite your support team to motivate you on your very own personalized plan.

Motivator: A motivator is someone who offers support and feedback on your goals. You can invite members of your support team to motivate you on your goals. If your goal is set up to be public, they can offer to motivate you.

Support Team: Your support team is made up of friends and family members that you've invited to the system to keep you on track toward reaching your goals.

Feedback: Feedback is comprised of comments and encouraging messages from your motivators. You can view your feedback in the “My goals” section of the site.

Wellbeans: Wellbeans are the points you can earn on the system. Earn Wellbeans by setting up your profile, reporting on your goals, motivating your friends, and many other ways. Collect Wellbeans to earn Badges on the system.

Badges: Badges are earned when you complete certain objectives on the site like motivating your friends or creating personalized goals. Badges can also be earned by accumulating Wellbeans. You can view all of your badges on the “My Goals” tab and also check out the ones you can get!

Discussions: Have a question or need advice on a health topic? Simply go to the particular topic and post a discussion for other users of the system to see. And don't worry, discussions are entirely anonymous.

Commitments: Need a little extra motivation to help you stay on track? Make a commitment on a goal. When you make a commitment, you promise to do a favor for your motivator (like doing their chores for a week) if you don't reach your goal.

Promises: A promise is a lot like a commitment, except that in this case the motivator is the one putting something on the line. Your motivator can promise you a prize (like an ice cream party, a gift card or anything else) if you reach your Care Plan goal. You can also make promises to the people you motivate.

Trackers: Trackers can be found in both pre-made Care Plans and in goals you build yourself. You can track your daily calorie intake, your weekly running distance, or your daily medication dosage, to name a few examples.

Daily Tip: Daily tips are exactly that— daily healthy living tips! Daily Tips can be found in the Health Topics section.

Health Topics: The Health Topics section of site is a complete health, medical and wellness library. Choose categories to read about based on the different topics available.